Trane XL16i 18 SEER Heat Pump Price Review

by admin on May 1, 2012

The Trane HVAC Company has always produced heat pumps like the Trane XL16i which has very high efficiency. Their motto has always been to provide their consumer with energy efficient products. This heat pump has numerous good features which will provide heating and cooling comfort in homes no matter the season.


The manufacture of the Trane XL16i heat pump has been done such that it provides 18 SEER and 9 HSPF efficiency ratings which means that the heat pump saves on energy. The heat pump has been produced in four different sizes dependent on individual needs and they start from the 2 ton pump right to the 5 ton pump.

It uses the R410 refrigerant which is designed to be eco-friendly.

The heat pump is a two stage heating and cooling operation which gives better saving on energy and consistent performance than the single stage heat pumps.

The weather guard 2 improves on the durability and the performance of the XL16i in addition to some good features like the climatuff compressor, speed fan motor and the louvered sides for protection and overall better performance.

A feature like the telephone access module has achieved easy manipulation of the heat pump since it becomes just a phone call to regulate the heat pump and the conditions in the home. The ability to control the performance of the pump even away from home is marvelous allowing that you get home to the warm or cooled house.

The feature Comfort Link II communicating feature allows that heat pumps different components are interlinked for better performance. This capability has ended up producing very high energy efficiency with this heat pump.


The Trane XL16i heat pump prices are dependent on the capacity with the 2 ton attracting a price of $7445 and the 4 ton heat pump with the air handler and all other costs getting to $9350. The Trane XL16i comes with warranties which only care for the heat pump which has been correctly installed. The warranties will be twelve years for the compressor and a ten year warranty on all the other components. Such an investment requires that the heat pump is installed by a competent and experience contractor so that the warranties stand as promised. This way the heat pump will provide the climate conditions in the home. But this can only be promised if the installation is done by committed personnel. It is often a guarantee to the overall good protection of the heat pump which is an investment and all other interests in getting a comfortable home. The Trane XL 16i just like any other heat pump from Trane is environmentally friendly, has high energy efficiency all which are hallmarks of production and which are transferred to their consumers. They become a very impressive choice for anybody out to buy and enjoy using the heat pump to regulate comfort in the home.

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