Trane XL20i 19 SEER Heat Pump Price Review

by admin on May 1, 2012

The Trane XL20i is top of the pile among all the heat pumps that are descended from the Trane brand which is well known for some of the best heat pumps. This is a pump which has excellent energy efficiency and high performance which provides exceptional conditions in different seasons. The features and performance of the XL20i have been well reviewed and listed here will be all these excellent features.

Trane XL20i Features

This is a heat pump that qualifies for federal tax credits based on the high energy efficiency. The 19 SEER cooling efficiency and the 9 HSPF heating efficiency are some of the best efficiencies on the heat pumps available from the Trane brand. The comfort R technology is able to utilize the fan to give steady temperature settings and to manage the humidity levels. The halogen free R-410 refrigerant is eco friendly and has been found to be more efficient than the R22 refrigerants used in other heat pumps.

The climatuff compressors have been fitted into the Trane XL20i with the larger compressor specifically working through the hot weather. This heat pump has the telephone access module which permits the home owner to control temperature within the home through the phone.

The comfort link II is communicating component of the heat pump allowing efficient control of temperature right to the needs of the home owner since it guarantees high and sustained performance. The quiet multi stage fan is also energy efficient.  It bears compatibility to the clean effects technology to allow purified air into the home. The weather guard top protects the heat pump making it durable. An equally good feature is that duratuff the base pan is long lasting and rust proof.

Trane XL20i Heat Pump Price

The Trane XL20i heat pump attracts very high prices often than any other Trane heat pump but its high efficiency implies that a lot is saved on the energy costs which becomes recoup on the cost over the long run. The purchase and installation of the 2 ton Trane XL20i will cost about $8850 while that of the 4 ton will be $12425. The heat pump has a 12 year warranty on the compressor and a ten year warranty on all other components.

A professionally installed heat pump qualifies for the warranty and save a lot on unnecessary costs on this investment. This way you get to enjoy high levels of comfort in the home.

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